Everything you need to get started. Three basic edits that will boost your colors and make your photos just a little sharper. As an added bonus, I’ve included ways to do all of those little things that are a necessary when editing like removing red and blue hues, adding vignettes, and making parts of the image brighter or darker.

My actions are non-refundable because of the nature of the product.

Compatible with PS CS3-CS6, CC, and CC 2014

Included in this set:

3 Basic Edits
Plain + Simple
Plain + Colorful
Plain + Matted

8 Helper Edits
Under The Warmer
Cold As Ice
No More Red
No More Blue
No More Green

Flare Edits
Brown Spice Overlay
Bring Back The Blue
Make It Green
Burn The Edge
Muddy Vignette
Clear It Up